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Wazifa for love


Many questions may arise in your mind like what is wazifa? Why do you need it to get love? Does it work? Etc. Let’s start by clearing your doubts and help you in bringing back your lost love. Wazifa is a prayer to Allah to fulfil our selfless or selfish wants, requirements, needs and desires with repetition of holy idioms and syllables. In life, at one point or another, every individual need love. It is difficult to find true love but what hurts the most is losing your love. Here we are defining powerful wazifa to bring back lost love, which will help you in solving all such problems.

Problems in love life

Love is a very beautiful feeling where two people claim to face every difficulties and challenge that life throws at them. Love is where two people decide to spend the rest of their life together, to cheer up each other when they feel low and broken. Love is something where your other partner give advice whenever you need them and stand by your side in every circumstance.

But not everyone is lucky to have such partners who give you advice, who stands by your side, listens to your meaningless and endless talks over and over again, who pampers and supports you whenever you need. It is beyond description to get back the same love which you are providing to your partner.

A lot of couples face issue in their love life and sometimes lose their loved ones due to uncertain circumstances or various other reasons such as busy schedule, interested in someone else and all. At this point, desires to get your loved ones back increases, you want them back badly in your life and feels like it is impossible now. But it’s not impossible to get them back. If you are facing the same circumstances and have lost your love then you should go through this powerful wazifa to bring back lost love.

Dua to bring back your loved ones

Here we are elaborating various effective wazifa techniques to help you in bringing back your love but these techniques are very crucial and you are advised to consult our specialist’s begum ji before trying this powerful wazifa to bring back lost love.

Wazifa 1

  • Take a black pepper seed
  • Read surah on it in a proper way as – “innaa shaani akka may the heart of (name of your lover), son of (name of your lover’s father) turn towards me.”
  • Close your eyes and blow on the black pepper seed while strongly imagining your lover.
  • Revise this surah for 41 times and store the pepper at a safe place.
  • You have to do this spiritual practice for 41 consecutive days and use new pepper seed daily.
  • Also, keep in mind that you have to do this wazifa daily at same and place and time.
  • At the end of 41 days bury all these pepper seeds at some safe place or put them in a well.
  • You will get back your love sooner.

Wazifa 2

This is another powerful wazifa to bring back lost love. Follow the following steps –

  • Take your lover’s photo in your hand.
  • Recite Surah “Al-Quariah” for seven times.
  • And then blow on your lover’s photo for three times.
  • It is advised to perform this in the morning at a very peaceful and clean place.
  • Continue this process for 3 days and you will start noticing results sooner.
  • This is short but really effective and powerful wazifa to bring back lost love.

Wazifa 3

  • Cook something which is your ex’s favourite.
  • Recite Dua “Al-Qurood bismil vidan nakshatre rishwaan alla arhamoon” for 51 times.
  • Now feed this cooked food to a white colour animal.
  • You have to do this for 23 days and you will see noticeable results within these 23 days. Your partner will be triggered to get back to you.

Wazifa 4

Perform this wazifa after Isha namaz at night.

  • Recite “Durood Shareef” – 11 times
  • Now recite “haa mim ain seen kaaf” – 278 times
  • Again recite “Durood Shareef” – 11 times
  • Now take the name of your lover and his mother for 3 times
  • Pray to Allah to send your lover back in life
  • Start this wazifa on Thursday and your love problems will be solved sooner.

Solution to your problem

This powerful wazifa to bring back your lost love is very effective and efficient. It will fill your broken heart with love and care by bringing back your partner. This wazifa will change your world upside down by solving every issue in your love life. In wazifa, nothing is termed as impossible. If you are not leading a happy and peaceful life because of the rude or arrogant behavior by your loved ones then consult us. No need to be panic or worry under these circumstances as everything will be sorted out with the help of this powerful wazifa to bring back lost love.

It hurts really harder when someone you love leaves you, but you can get them back with these powerful wazifa’s. It will not only bring your loved ones back but also bring back the same spark in your relationship. No matter how heartbroken you are as your partner is leaving you or behaving in a rude and cold way, this powerful wazifa to bring back lost love cures all miseries in your love life.

Go ahead and share your problems with us to get the best possible help. Our specialist begum ji will help you with the most suitable and powerful wazifa, and everything will be back to normal in your love life.

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